DrivScan 23

(build 4)
Smoking Hot: Ampicillin how much to take , the Java version of DrivScan!

Do you own a lot of CDs?
Do you ever find yourself wondering things like:
"Now on which CD did I put that image/program/song..?"
Then DrivScan is for you.

DrivScan's basic operation is to save directory listings of your CDs or zip disks or whatever in text files and then to search those files.

Once the information is in the file, DrivScan can be used to search your entire CD collection for any files or directories you wish to find. This is much faster than searching your CDs by hand.

Want to show your friends what you have on your CDs? Just email them the text-file generated by DrivScan!
If your friends use DrivScan too, they can open your file and watch the whole tree view open up before them, if they don't they can just load the file into a text editor.

It is entirely possible for you to associate DrivScan-generated files (extension .dsf) with DrivScan to let you just click on a file to have it loaded into DrivScan. The associating is not done automatically out of respect for your registry. DrivScan works in Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP.

The main window:
screenshot, 30kB
The search window:
the search screen, 20kB

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New in version 14:
- Wildcard searching in files.
- The tree view is now sizeable for those of you with deep tree structures.
- The last directory where you searched is now saved for those who don't save in the directory where DrivScan is installed.
- The tree automatically displays the correct directory or file when you double click in the search result list.
- Want to search the tree for more hits? Just push F3.

New in version 15:
- Automatic filling out of the drop-down box with drive names has finally been implemented in a joint effort by me and my brother Clomid tablet price , so when you insert or remove a CD the box will blink green and the name of the CD is shown there.
- In the search window, the name of the file currently being searched is displayed in the title of the window.
- The main window now handles the WM_GETMINMAXINFO message to make resizing prettier.

New in version 16:
- The data type used to keep the file and directory sizes has been changed into a "unsigned _int64" to meet the demands of certain people with huge drives and also the new dvd disks.

New in version 17:
- Press Delete key in the tree view to remove a file or a whole folder.

New in version 18:
- Any number of *'s in the search!
- Empty directory bug fixed!
- Cancel scan button added!
- Start directory button added!
- Hotkey for save is now Ctrl+S!
- Press SHIFT+Delete key in the tree view to remove a file or a whole folder.

New in version 19:
- Press CTRL+c to copy the tree to the clipboard (but not the lowest level of the tree) - perfect for making printing indexes!
- Fixed an exception that occured when setting start directory on an unavailable media.

New in version 20:
- Name of selected device is used as default file name (this causes an error if the device has no name!).
- Registry is now used instead of the INI-file.

New in version 21:
- Improved parsing of wildcards (*) in search.
- Fixed the 'device has no name'-bug.

New in version 22:
- F4 moves to the next file in the search result. Shift-F4 moves backwards. (F3 moves between hits in the tree, as usual)

New in version 23:
- New wildcard '?' represents exactly one character (example: ERIC?CLAPTON matches ERIC_CLAPTON and ERIC.CLAPTON and ERIC CLAPTON and so on but not ERICCLAPTON or ERIC.THE.CLAPTON).
- Drive combo-box will keep its index when a drive changes.
- (build 3, 2001-10-30): Use correct registry path. (credits to dede).
- (build 4, 2001-11-04): Save position of the search-window (dede again).

Good stuff:
Planned for future versions:
Last modified: Thu Dec 18 09:17:07 MET 2000